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We also provide a private transportation service for customers who are eligible for vaccination at the airport.
(Example: hotel near the airport → vaccination at the airport → transportation to your home, etc.)
Please feel free to contact us as there is no additional charge for waiting time required for vaccination.

During this coronavirus pandemic, our company has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and we
continue to provide transportation for customers arriving at Haneda and Narita airports.
The waiting time required for the PCR test will be free of charge, so please use it with confidence.
In addition, we have installed droplet prevention sheets inside all cars to separate the driver and customers.


Currently, for customers returning to Japan, we are offering limousine transportation for those who have received a negative result after completing the PCR test upon entry.

In addition, we strictly adhere to the following points when operating our services.
■Temperature checks for office workers and crew members when they arrive at work, hand disinfection with alcohol
■Crew members are required to wear masks
■Droplet infection prevention sheets have been installed between the driver's seat (passenger seat) and the rear seat
■Thorough ventilation inside the vehicle during operation ( The vehicle's air conditioner is set to ``outside air''.)
■After each reservation, the windows are opened to ensure sufficient ventilation inside the vehicle.
■After each reservation, the inside of the car will be disinfected using sodium hypochlorite solution (doorknobs, seats, handrails, etc.)
■We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers whose results from the PCR test (antigen test) conducted at the quarantine station are positive. However, we do not allow the use of limousined cars. (Reservations for customers who receive a positive result will be canceled without charge.)

Exhibited at a booth on the 1st floor of Funabori Tower Hall. Interviewed 9 people at a job seeker information session for young people aged 39 and under.

New Year's GreetingsHappy

New Year.What
kind of year was last year for you?
For me, last year was the beginning of major reforms.I
will cherish this year so that it will be a fruitful year . I hope it will be a great
year.The start of this year, unlike other years, feels like the countdown to the Olympics has begun.Just like the first Tokyo Olympics, Japan as a whole will undergo major changes over the next two years. At our company
, we will breathe new life into the industry in order to lead new trends, and strive to become a model case for the passenger transportation industry.We look forward to your
continued support this year.


2018 Masami Suzuki Representative Director of
City Cab Co., Ltd.

From September of this year, we have started providing services such as pick-up and guidance after completing immigration procedures at the airport. Together with our business partner Contrail,
we have started providing support and services such as airport pick-up after immigration procedures, luggage transportation services, and catering.

In September of this year, we newly introduced Alphard Limousine.
Currently, 18 Alphards are in operation as limousine vehicles.

We have started providing 24-hour customer service.
We have started supporting customers visiting Japan with staff who can speak English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.
If you have any communication problems during your stay, we will be happy to assist you in the languages ​​listed above.

After taking off from Urayasu Heliport, enjoy the scenery from above Tokyo.We
will pick you up from the helipad from around Tokyo.


It's getting colder and colder season has arrived. When you step outside, the cold wind cools your body.
At CITY CAB, you can enjoy Tokyo sightseeing and airport transfers comfortably even during the cold season.
Please feel free to use our recommended limousine cars for sightseeing in Tokyo, or for transportation to and from the airport!
We will provide the best hospitality to our customers even during the winter season.


 City Cab has English-speaking crew members.

We will arrange crew members with an appropriate English conversation level depending on the job, such as airport transfers, Tokyo sightseeing, golf transfers, etc.
Customers from overseas can also use our service with peace of mind.
We look forward to providing you with services that will make your trip a memorable one.

Perfect for those traveling overseas who have a lot of luggage!

In our limousine cars, we make sure that even customers with a lot of luggage can spend their time in a comfortable space.
Please use the recommended car for transportation.

Please feel free to contact us.

A car limousine service is a service that allows you to limousine a car for a designated period of time.

The fee structure for taxis and limousine cars is also different.
・In the case of a taxi, it only counts from the time you boarded the taxi to the time you got off.
・In the case of a limousine car, this is from the time you leave the office until the time you pick up and return to the office.
The charges will be different.

Example of using a limousine car
① We will pick you up and drop you off mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo.
②We provide a comfortable space for sightseeing in Tokyo.
③We also provide golf transportation.
④For airport transfers, please enjoy the comfort of our recommended limousine cars.
⑤Please rest assured that we also provide English support for customers from overseas.

Limousine cars are often used when entertaining guests.
Taxis are often used as a regular means of transportation.

The limousine car will be reserved for you, so the time you are waiting is also time for you to work. We understand this and provide comfortable services. It gives you peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to limousine a car.


We will be active in any situation, including Tokyo sightseeing, golf transfers, and airport transfers. Perfect for providing a comfortable space for your customers. We strive to provide polite and comfortable service to foreign customers by providing English-speaking service.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to use a limousined car for transportation.


At City Cab,

we provide transportation mainly in the 23 wards of Tokyo.
We will suggest a recommended limousine car.

②We provide a comfortable space for sightseeing in Tokyo.

③We also provide golf transportation.

④For airport transfers, please enjoy the comfort of our recommended limousine cars.

⑤Please rest assured that we also provide English support for customers from overseas.

Please feel free to use us for sightseeing in Tokyo, golf, or airport transfers.

For airport transfers or sightseeing around the Kanto area, we provide a comfortable space inside the vehicle and
transport your luggage in a cargo trailer.
Please contact us directly when using.


We have recently renewed our homepage.

We have started a general charter service.
For details, please check the Tokyo sightseeing section on the top page.

We have started a flat rate service from Musashino City and Mitaka City.

We introduced the Hiace Grand Cabin in December.

We introduced Crown Hybrid from September.

We introduced the Axio Hybrid in June.

We have introduced the Crown Hybrid.We
will provide a comfortable space for our customers.

We have been introducing a new vehicle, the Axio Hybrid, since March.

We have recently renewed our homepage.
Please take a look.